Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pat Tillman

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere many times, but it just awes me that any man could be this unselfish and willing to serve his country. Even after seeing combat. Tillman could have come home and played football after that tour and no one would have said a thing bad about him. His hero status was already cemented. Yet he returned to Afghanistan because he felt his word was his bond. He'd signed up for a certain period and he was darn well going to serve his entire term.

Very few things really move me these days. As a news and history buff, I like to think I've read it all. But nothing like this since the Korean War, when Ted Williams left in the prime of his career to become a fighter pilot, has there been a story like this. I hope that the Football Hall of Fame creates a special new category for men like Tillman. He deserves to be remembered long after Afghanistan and Al Qaeda fade from our headlines.