Thursday, November 02, 2006

My final election endorsements and predictions-Senate

Arizona- I heartily endorse John Kyl(R), one of the most fiscally responsible members of Congress. In this case, my prediction and endorsement are the same: John Kyl wins reelection.

Connecticut- I also heartily endorse Joe Lieberman(I). Lieberman is an outspoken supporter of the War on Terror. Another case where I'm likely to get what I want: Lieberman will win reelection.

Maryland- I don't endorse either candidate. Not because I hate them both or anything, but just because in order for me to actually endorse someone I have to be enthusiastic about them. Prediction: Cardin(D) wins, although Steele is going to make it closer than most think.

Michigan- Prediction: Stabenow(D)

Minnesota- I endorse Mark Kennedy(R), a bright young conservative/libertarian star. Is he going to win? Doesn't look like it. Prediction: Klobuchar(D).

Missouri- Prediction: McCaskill(D)

Montana- Prediction: Tester(D). Burns is corrupt and out of touch.

New Jersey- I endorse Tom Kean(R), a clean Republican in a state with a dirty Democratic machine. Although he's trailing a little, I think he's pulling this one out. Prediction: Kean(R)

Ohio- Prediction: Brown(D)

Pennsylvania- I endorse Bob Casey(D), a solid moderate Democrat. Normally I'd endorse anyone who runs against the odious Rick Santorum, but Casey makes it easy for me. With his wide lead in the polls, it makes it easier still. Prediction: Casey(D)

Rhode Island- I endorse Lincoln Chaffee(R), a longtime maverick and honest Republican. This race still has a lot of undecideds, so I'm not confident about this prediction: Whitehouse(D) will win.

Tennessee- I endorse Harold Ford(D). A potential future President. Smart, moderate, a leader. Corker's an empty suit. Prediction: Ford(D).

Virginia- I endorse James Webb(D). Like with Santorum, I'd probably endorse anyone against George Allen, but Webb is another guy who makes it easy. Prediction: Webb(D).

Washington- Cantwell(D). I'd like to point out that I think both candidates are very good candidates and Washington would be well-served by either.