Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Impressions of the latest Democratic debate

I know I'm a few days late here.

Edwards lost the election. Not by this one performance, of course, but because of a string of errors that show he's simply not ready, even with four years off to do his homework.He attacked the other candidates for not defunding the war. Obama helpfully reminded him that he was leading on the issue long before Edwards was. Edwards also attacked Obama's health care plan for not having an individual mandate. Obama declined to defend that part of the plan, but when Edwards further went on to say that children can't make insurance decisions, Obama pointed out that there is a mandate for children. Edwards, once again, didn't do his homework.

Then there's the remark about higher taxes being necessary to insure our financial stability. He didn't mention that he thinks higher spending is necessary either, but it is part of his plan. Yet another example of extreme economic ignorance on his part.

Clinton and Obama on the other hand, helped themselves a great deal. Clinton looked the most Presidential and Obama looked like the superstar he is. Let's face it. He WILL be President some day, regardless of whether he wins this year or not. Richardson did a terrible job. He's just not good in debates. If he's going to win he's going to have to raise a lot of money and trumpet how qualified he is for the office. The fact that he's so different from all of the other candidates is his greatest strength.

Biden did great in the debate and will probably end up doing a lot better than everyone initially thought once the primaries roll around.

Latest polls show Clinton and Obama widening their lead over Edwards, so apparently Democrats are thinking the same thing I am.