Monday, July 06, 2009

Don't blame Obama for the economy

In regards to Biden saying they "misread" the extent of the recession, John Boehner and other Republicans are attacking Obama for presiding over the loss of 2 million jobs since he took office.

This is just stupid, for reasons of simple reality and political strategy. Everyone knows that this recession started under the Bush administration. Obama is not responsible for the recession unless you can point to something stupid he did to harm the economy. Since the only candidate policies that might do that(cap and trade, tax increases) haven't gone into effect yet, or even been signed by the President, it's silly to accuse him of economic mismanagement.

The only thing Obama is responsible for is wasting all that stimulus money. That's where the Republicans should be hitting him, especially when you've got prominent liberals calling for a second stimulus before the first one is even half spent. Focus on the failed stimulus like a laser and don't let another one get by you. The nation can't afford it.

Attacking Obama on the economy is just stupid, because voters know Republicans got us into this mess, and because if Obama senses that it is hurting him, he'll do something stupid like sign another stimulus. The stimulus is the failure, not Obama's overall economic management.