Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hillary Clinton

David Limbaugh has a post about Hillary Clinton's positioning herself to run for President in 2008. Like most Republican hacks, he's portraying it as a cynical attempt to deceive Americans about her true feelings, which are supposedly of the far left variety.

I say baloney. There is nothing in her history of her statements to suggest that she is anything other than a moderate centrist Democrat. She was that way during Bill Clinton's Presidency, she has been that way as a Senator. The only black spot I can find on her resume is working for the McGovern campaign. But Bill Clinton did as well, and he turned out to be quite the centrist President. Heck, even McGovern seems to have seen the error of his ways, at least on issues affecting business.

Now, there's no question that she is crafting her centrist message better to appeal to Americans who are inclined to disagree with her. But that's normal. Nothing deceptive about that. Her recent statement on abortion, where she said she respected the views of pro-lifers, are cited by Republicans as proof of her duplicity. How? On most issues, I respect the views of those who disagree with me. Doesn't mean I'm changing my position. I think Republicans are projecting here. Limbaugh and many other Republicans don't respect the opposing views of Democrats and assume that Democrats don't respect their views. Especially Mrs. Democrat herself, Hillary Clinton. Sure, there are many Democrats and liberals who are quick to resort to ad hominems or throwing things rather than reasoned debate. Ann Coulter knows about that. But I don't see that Hillary has ever shown herself to be one of those kinds of people.