Thursday, November 02, 2006

Final election endorsements and predictions-House

Not as many here, just because there are too many to cover, but these are the races that are most important to me:

CT-04 Shays(R) is a good man who doesn't deserve to go out with the other Republican trash this year. I think he'll pull it out. Prediction: Shays(R)

FL-22 Ron Klein(D) and E. Clay Shaw(R) are both fine candidates. This district has been lucky to have Shaw represent it for so long and is lucky to usually have strong candidates run against him. Klein is the strongest yet. Still, I think the voters are going to send Shaw back again. Prediction: Shaw(R).

IL-06 I endorse Tammy Duckworth(D) with one of the strongest endorsements I can give. Another future Presidential prospect. The woman is brilliant, beautiful, and has her head on straight, unlike many Democrats, who have gotten a bit crazy in recent years when it comes to criticizing the President. And I think she's going to win. Prediction: Duckworth(D).

IN-09 This race sucks. Both Sodrel(R) and Hill(D) are horrible. I'm going to predict that Hill(D) wins it, but geez, get some better choices for '08.

KY-03 Another race that sucks. Yarmuth(D) is a liberal hypocrite who is off his rocker. Northrup(R) represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party today. I think she'll survive though. Prediction: Northrup(R).

MN-06 I endorse Michele Bachmann(R). An outstanding fiscally conservative candidate. Close race, but I think she's going to win it. Prediction: Bachmann(R).

NY-26 Reynolds is toast, and rightfully so. Prediction: Davis(D).

OH-02 Prediction: Schmidt(R). I really have nothing else to say about another uninspiring race.

TX-22 Delay's old district. I endorse Nick Lampson(D). Lampson will win this one.

PA- John Murtha is the most corrupt Democrat next to William Jefferson. He needs to go. Diana Irey(R) is a rising star. She probably won't win, but we'll be hearing from her again. Endorsement: Irey(R). Prediction: Murtha(D).