Thursday, November 16, 2006

Congratulations are in order

First, to the Democrats for winning the 2006 elections. They ran a very good campaign. Credit goes to Rahm Emmanuel and Chuck Schumer above all for recruiting great candidates and strategically putting money into races that became competitive late. Unlike Howard Dean, who squandered all the DNC's money early. I agree with Carville- Dean screwed up. And it's not the first time. In 2004, Dean blew through all his money before the first primary. But hey, when your team wins you don't go cleaning out the leadership. Dean gets to try again in 2008, which will be a much bigger test.

Second, while we're discussing keeping the leadership that brung ya, congratulations to Democrats for electing Steny Hoyer Majority Leader over the corrupt John Murtha. Although the Democrats as a whole are to be commended, Nancy Pelosi made a major error in backing Murtha. Should have given him the brush off, despite his past favors to her.

Finally, let's get to the Republican leadership. The Republicans, as the thoroughly stomped losers of 2006, should make the necessary changes to get back their majorities and win the White House in 2008. The latter part should be fairly easy, what with John McCain and Rudy Giuliani pretty much announcing that they are in the race. Hard to see the Democrats putting up anyone who can compete with either of those superstars.

The first part(changing leadership) is the tough part. Mitch McConnell, while not perfect, should be a superior Senate Republican Leader to Bill Frist. The Whip on the other hand, is now Trent Lott, the veteran porker with a history of racial problems much like George Allen's. John McCain supported Lott and was the deciding vote. Why would McCain support Lott, you say? Because Lott supports McCain for President, that's why. And Lott's opponent in the Whip race, Lamar Alexander, supports Bill Frist. This one's going to come back to hurt McCain.

So the Senate Republicans showed they learned very little. How about the House? Well, tomorrow they will elect their leaders. Incumbents John Boehner and Roy Blunt are trying to keep their jobs against challenges from Mike Pence and John Shadegg. Pence and Shadegg are excellent leadership candidates. If the House GOP has learned anything at all from their shellacking, they should elect Pence Minority Leader and Shadegg Minority Whip. If they don't, then they'd better settle in for a long period in the wilderness.