Monday, February 19, 2007

Are we pissed off?

Atrios asks:

One does wonder why the 101st Fighting Keyboarders aren't more upset by the fact that George Bush has fucked up their pet war. I don't line up with the "incompetence dodgers" but that doesn't mean that there wasn't immense amount of incompetence. What the consequence of slightly less incompetence would have been I do not know, but it would have at least smelled a bit nicer.This was their mission, their grandiose cause, their Battle Between Good and Evil. And George Bush fucked it up. Why aren't they pissed off?Oh, looks like I already answered the question.

Maybe Atrios doesn't read enough blogs outside the liberal universe, but there are a lot of PO'd people who supported the war and are angry at the incompetence with which it has been waged. Andrew Sullivan, Greg Djeijerian, pretty much all of the liberal hawks at TNR, and John Cole. Sure, there are still some cheerleaders for Bush out there, but those sites are so blatantly partisan and part of the Republican noise machine that they should easily be see for what they are.

As for myself, I didn't vote for Bush in 2004 because of his incompetence, so call me one who figured it out early. But I still hope for success, because really, failure just isn't an option in Iraq. This isn't Vietnam, where we can just abandon the field and the only ones who will suffer will be Iraqis. That's not to say there aren't good arguments supporting withdrawal, but we need to candidly deal with the consequences of that withdrawal. We can't just wash our hands of this.

The main reason half my posts are about 2008 is because I can't wait for new leadership. I'm not one to say that ANYONE would be better than Bush, but most of the top tier candidates are clearly superior to him.