Thursday, January 04, 2007

Congratulations are in order Part II

To the Iraqi people, for handing out justice to the man who tormented them for decades. While it doesn't change the fact that Iraq is a mess, at least they are rid of Saddam forever.

Some critics insist that the trial was a farce, that this was a lynching. Nonsense. The trial was at least as solid in terms of due process as the Nuremburg trials. And no, neither were as sound as your average American criminal trial, but they are good enough under international norms.

Then there's the complaints that Saddam was executed illegally, based on a technicality that no executions are supposed to take place just before Eid. Look, folks, Iraq is not a western democracy. At best, it's a third world banana republic at this point. The fact that Saddam even got a trial where he was essentially allowed to rant and rave whenever he pleased and intimidate witnesses is more than most other dictators would get when overthrown. Ceaucescu didn't have it that good.